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In February 1987 my first version of Patience was published on the Atari ST Computer. This computers offered all that was needed to implement and intuitively play such a card game. Since then this game was extended and reimplemented a couple of times using different languages on different platforms.

My first iPhone application is a card game originally implemented on Atari ST

Please use the forum for feedback.

Anyway - playing this challenging card game on the go had always been a dream. As iPhone and iPod touch came into my recognition I soon realized that this gadget was pretty much perfect to make this dream come true.

Patience might be the first app for the iPhone but it will probably not be the last - even though localization, documentation and deployment of iPhone applications are big tasks as well.

I hope you will enjoy using my apps. Positive rating is always welcome. And if you do have some trouble or want to give me some feedback please use my forum I‘ve set up to keep in touch with you.

If you are in urgent need of support or you feel uncomfortable using a forum to communicate you can drop me an email.

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