A few tips for the beginning

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A few tips for the beginning

Beitragvon ric » Mo 29.09.2008, 12:14

I just want to give you a few tips to help you master the standard game.

First of all be aware that the standard game is a hard one. If you are a beginner in Patience you might get frustrated soon. Keep in mind that one of three games you have a chance to win. So don't be surprised that in most cases you loose.

But if you feel the cards are good ... fight for it! You can do it.

THE first tip is: Try to get one of the "move" stacks free. If you manage to do that, be careful what to place there. Keep the following in mind:

    * Try to keep an empty stack as long as possible.
    * You may even deal new cards while a stack is empty.
    * You can move any card on an empty stack - not only kings
    * Do not move a King there if he does not really hurt you much. Once a king is on this stack
    this stack will never get a free stack again in the current game.
    * Use the empty stack optimize other stacks ordering.
    * Prefer to move cards over an empty stack in a way that after a few moves the same or another stack gets free.
    * the smaller the value and the smaller the number of cards you move to an empty stack, the more likely it will get free again soon.

The second tip: Use the "undo" feature to optimize your strategy what to move on empty stacks. That's not cheating. Well, it's not treated as cheating, you know... ;)
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