The Standard Patience

The Standard Patience is a very challenging and unique kind of Patience game. It is very hard to solve thus making the win even more satisfying.

The goal of this game is to move all cards to the Foundation. Here cards are collected in ascending order sorted by suit.

At the beginning cards are dealt onto eight move stacks. First two rows are dealt face down, last row is face up. After that the cards may be moved according to the following rules:

Is a pile of stacks built up correctly by these rules, the pile is allowed to be moved as a whole. Single cards may be moved onto the Foundation if they follow these rules:

If a stack gets empty every card or pile of cards can be moved onto, as long as the stack is built up correctly.

In additon to that you can also move a card coming from the Foundation back into the Tableau if you need it and it fits into your pile.

If you don't want to move cards any more you can request new cards by tapping the Talon in the lower right. As long as there are still cards available there eight new cards are dealt onto the move stacks.

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